Wednesday, March 17, 2010


AGIdeas is a 3 day design conference conducted by some of the worlds most talented designers and artists.

AGIdeas features not only presentations from these internationally acclaimed individuals but a range of extra opportunities such as a Design Course Expo for tertiary students, Panel discussions, business breakfast, competitions, workshops and more.

This unique opportunity will benefit both students and industry professionals.

A great way to be inspired and up to date with the latest trends in art and design!

WHEN: Tue 27th April, Wed 28th April, Thurs 29th April.

WHERE: Hamer Hall, the Arts Centre (Melbourne)

SERVICES - Lighting

Designing or fitting out an enterior space or exhibition? Need lighting advice?

Sylvania Lighting Australasia has an excellent web service. An easy to use, consumer friendly, highly informative site. With information on lighting solutions for both the urban and industrial domain.

Each lighting service has detailed features as well as downloadable data sheets.
Images of stock includes the unit itself and the fitting being used in a commercial situation.

For more info go to

WHAT'S ON - Tim Burton @ ACMI

Ever wanted to get inside the head of creative genious Tim Burton? well soon you can at ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image here in Melbourne (the greatest city in the world) . Tim Burton The Exhibition will run from June 24 - October 2010.

This exhibition direct from New York, features Burtons creative ideas and processes and even features him as the collaborative curator. It includes his full range of work from illustrations to films and everything in between.

Tickets go on sale Thursday April 1st

For more info go to and follow the links to the Tim Burton Exhibition

or the 'Tim Burton: The Exhibition' page on facebook.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

INSPIRATION - Colour with Dale Frank

Dale Frank is an Aussie painter who creates large paintings using varnish on linen. The finish on them is super shiny & really sexy! So much so that Dinosaur Designs jumped on the bandwagon and used him as inspiration for their "Art" Range.

INSPIRATION - Christopher Marley & Museum Victoria

A few weeks ago A few of us were given an assignment to visit 2 Exhibitions, one of these was our choice. We were asked to provide the class with a report on the visit and to describe the environment we encountered. One of the best "exhibition spaces" in Melbourne in my opinion is the Melbourne Museum, in particular the space called "Bugs Alive!". If you haven't been before its free for students and its really worth a look.. even if you hate bugs!

While doing some research for our presentation I came across an Artist - Christopher Marley - who has turned wunderkammer into an art form! (See bottom picture)

STUDENT WORK: Group 2A Typo Window

If you take a stroll down Cardigan st in Carlton, you will step through 4 different worlds. The Biker, The Traveller, The Vogue and The Retro. Watch your step though, for the bright and bold colours of Typo's stationary might just rub off on you!

For the last five weeks group 2A have been preparing for the installation of our first major window display. Being lucky enough to work with stationaryretailer Typo, this fun and infectious brand gave us incredible merchandise to play with.

As well as working with this unique stock, we explored new techniques like working with decal cutting machines, the new laser foam cutters and lighting. We liaised with industry professionals from signage manufacturers to the Typo VM team. We sourced our own props from various retailers around Melbourne including Ikea and various smallerboutiques like antique stores.

Working in groups of five to accomplish our goal was both challenging yet just as rewarding. the collaboration of different ideas, energies, strengths and weaknesses saw us really explore a range of options in production methods and creativity.

We are all so proud of each other and what we managed to accomplish!

Please check it out at RMIT Building 94, 23 - 27 Cardigan St, Carlton

Thanks to our teachers Sue Robinson, Normal Ireland and Simon Stephenson as well as Typo.

For more information on Typo products and store locations head to


Need inspiration for interior design, styling or displays?
Head to for regular updates! Follow gallery links to find inspiration on colour blocking, utilising unique materials as well as craft and general decorating tips.

INSPIRATION: Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan is a fashion design genius! This Turkish/British designer has worked with luxury designer brands like Browns, Marks and Spencer, Asprey, Swarovski, Falke as well as sports brand Puma.

His collaborations have also included Bjork and most recently Lady Gaga's infamous bubble dress.

Chalayan's mastery explores the combination between art and fashion design, including pieces with LED lasers and technical mechanics sewn into the fabric.

This has to be seen to be believed!

Fore more info click

INSPIRATION - Dale Chihuly (My Hero)

This Man is a genius. He has been inspiring my creative efforts for over 10 years now.
If you don't know who he is already head to his website (Its Big)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MENTOR - Justin Compton

Last week, we sat down with one of our most encouraging and inspirational teachers, Justin Compton. While teaching us for our VM presentation class in semester two of last year, we came to learn a little of his VM background and past experiences within the industry. We jumped at the opportunity to interrogate our teacher just that little bit more for the purposes of our blog. Here is how our interview rolled out.

A&A: Where and what have you studied?

J: I completed a year of Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and decided it wasn’t for me. So I then went to RMIT to study Visual Merchandising and completed the two year diploma. The program now however, has really grown & developed even further. There are more teachers with industry experience as well.

A&A: What jobs did you have while you were studying?

J: I began working in fast food stores until second year where I began to do a little bit of freelance work, mainly at book stores. After graduating I got a job at Henry Bucks as their Visual Merchandiser. While at Henry Bucks I still did freelance VM work on the side, styling for Gasworks, designed and made props, ticket writing and catalogue styling.

After three and half years at Henry Bucks I moved on to Nike and became involved in the opening of their then new store on Bourke St. I was flown to the U.S for training which I then rolled out and taught to employees at the Bourke St store.

A&A: How did you find that transition?

J: It was a big jump moving from Henry Bucks a smaller more intimately run company to an international corporation like Nike but I enjoyed the challenge.

A&A: How did you learn about the job opportunity at Nike?

J: Newspaper advertisement

From Nike I moved to Daimaru the department store. Again a big change from a retailer specialising in one type of merchandise to a department store ranging from cosmetics to home wares and clothing but a great learning experience. Daimaru then closed down and through word of mouth got a job at Myer Melbourne. While working at Myer I began teaching the Introduction to Visual Merchandising evening course at RMIT and really enjoyed the teaching aspect of the industry. From there I moved on to teaching the VM course full time.

Was teaching something you were interested in while you were still studying?

Nooo. I never thought I’d end up teaching. I was always interested in windows and in store merch displays. But I enjoy teaching and being part of the mentor program is great.

A&A: What has been your best and worst experience?

J: The best would be that the industry isn’t static; you’re always learning and following different trends that are forever changing. The worst is you have to be prepared for a third party to let you down or for something to not go as planned. However, overcoming a problem like that is extremely satisfying and you definitely learn from it.

A&A: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

J: The Nike opening, being in charge of the VM for the entire store. There was also a lot of media attention in the lead up to the opening as well as a launch party. Various newspaper articles were published as well.

A&A: Any future endeavours?

J: At the moment I’m pretty satisfied. You can’t plan too far ahead; I’m always open for new opportunities.

What is the best advice you’ve received?

The best advice I’ve been given is to make sure you’ve thought out all options and have an organised plan.

The best advice I’d give is to always treat people fairly and with respect. Build on your network and take the opportunities that are given to you.

A&A: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

J: Strength – I’m good at making and sourcing props, and I’m well prepared and organised. Weakness – perfectionist.

A&A: Where have you travelled and where is VM most prominent?

J: VM in London and New York is great but compared to Melbourne we’re right up there too.

A&A: Who are you inspired by?

J: Art in general, stores like Liberty and Selfridges, Aesop has a great ethos, Country Road and Witchery for their consistent image, magazines.

A&A: How do you collate your inspiration? Mag cut outs, hard drive?

J: I’m a bit of a hoarder with my magazines and notebooks.

Monday, March 1, 2010

INSPIRATION - Erwan Frotin

check out his folio at art + commerce
really worth a look if your interested in photo
Also be sure to check out the folio titled "sketch"
for some crazy food sculptures (see above). Amazing!