Tuesday, March 16, 2010

STUDENT WORK: Group 2A Typo Window

If you take a stroll down Cardigan st in Carlton, you will step through 4 different worlds. The Biker, The Traveller, The Vogue and The Retro. Watch your step though, for the bright and bold colours of Typo's stationary might just rub off on you!

For the last five weeks group 2A have been preparing for the installation of our first major window display. Being lucky enough to work with stationaryretailer Typo, this fun and infectious brand gave us incredible merchandise to play with.

As well as working with this unique stock, we explored new techniques like working with decal cutting machines, the new laser foam cutters and lighting. We liaised with industry professionals from signage manufacturers to the Typo VM team. We sourced our own props from various retailers around Melbourne including Ikea and various smallerboutiques like antique stores.

Working in groups of five to accomplish our goal was both challenging yet just as rewarding. the collaboration of different ideas, energies, strengths and weaknesses saw us really explore a range of options in production methods and creativity.

We are all so proud of each other and what we managed to accomplish!

Please check it out at RMIT Building 94, 23 - 27 Cardigan St, Carlton

Thanks to our teachers Sue Robinson, Normal Ireland and Simon Stephenson as well as Typo.

For more information on Typo products and store locations head to www.typoshop.com.au/


  1. To the bike rider who ran into the tree whilst riding past these fantastic windows last Thursday night, hope your OK

  2. Perhaps the most dynamic window installation that has ever appeared in Building 94, edgy,
    cheeky and fun.