Tuesday, May 11, 2010


3 days... 40 speakers.. 200+ people... and you have AGIdeas

The most uneblievably inspiring design conference in our home town of Melbourne!
It would take forever to retell our experiences, the lessons we learnt, and all those who inspired us, but here's a few that stood out.

Moose (Paul Curtis) - Reverse Graffiti
Instead of using a spray can, Paul Curtis aka Moose uses a scrubbing brush or high powered hose... How, you might be thinking.. Well check out the video below of his 'Reverse Graffiti Project'. This guy is a genious!!! something that has to be seen to be believed!!

Resn - Interactive Agency
New Zealand based digital design company at the forefront of current and emerging interactive technologies.
Clients include Mtv, Coke and Toyota
Check out their reel below

Ghostpatrol - Illustrator
Specialising in a range of disciplines from fine ink drawing to street art. Utlising found materials from spray cans to wood and clay.

Having seen his work close up at the No Comply exhibition @ Red Bull HQ last year.. This guy is brilliant!

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